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Worn Out Wood Floors?

You probably didn't know that worn out looking wood floors are actually just dirty! They are just in need of some professional TLC (tender, loving & care for the younger folks) cleaning. 

We feel bad because we are always seeing homeowners replacing their old wood floors with new! If only they knew that we can clean and have them brand new again in just a fraction of the time and cost as our competitors! Check out our before and after pictures below in our  gallery 👇


Dirty Tile Floors? Dirty Bathrooms?

Tile can be difficult to clean, especially with being careful with using the right products so it doesn't eat up the grout between them.

 Bathrooms are also difficult because of all the soap residue that sticks to floor or tile, and our natural skin oils... did I mention that its also bad for your health? Thats right, feet related diseases are actually a large cause of sickness and even deaths worldwide. Let's avoid sickness & the embarrassment of a dirty home so you can have that feeling of "Ahhhh" when you see the newly cleaned floors of your home. 


Carpet Cleaning

Did you know on average  we spend about 33 years of our life in our beds!?!? It's True! Crazy right? Now imagine how much time you spend in just your house alone...

Our home is our sanctuary, its our escape from the outside world. Why should you have to deal with the ugly stains that you try to cover up to avoid the embarrassment? The answer is, you simply shouldn't. We want you to enjoy your reality escape in true comfort with peace of mind when the family comes over. Take a quick look at our photo gallery below👇


Furniture Cleaning

Do you have pets? Do you have kids? No matter how much or how hard we try to avoid it but stains, dirt and grime just seems to appear. Protect your investment of relaxation and family entertainment room sofas, recliners and more


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Cleaning You Can Trust

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Cleaning You Can Trust

Stand Firm values our customers, if it wasn't for you we wouldn't be here! Let us return the favor of gratitude with the fast, efficient cleaning done by professional who really do care about you, your home and the comfort you work so hard for.


Why We're Different

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Cleaning You Can Trust

We understand the value of creating long lasting relationships. Thats why our "customers" are so much more than that.. we take the extra steps for creating family members so they too can be apart of our community. Now its your turn!! 


Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

We don't play around here when it comes to taking care of our family members (customers).. if you're not content with our cleaning its FREE!

*Please keep in mind all stains are not guaranteed to come out depending on the severity of the stain*

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